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Sleep With Me

in my dreams of royal splendour
the day i found the ear of Vincent van Gogh
in the ten million nightmares of Kenneth Toomey
on the ship that died of shame
(oh so...) let's be friends, let's be be enemies
no time for values in between
oh, so cosmopolitan...
if in hate is adoration
if the light is joy so Renoir
if the joy of impression and heart
if fauvism is seductive art
if Signac, Dufy, Matisse and Bonnard
are the forces against absurdity, cruelty, superficiality...
then you all mean it...mean life, mean force
then, as my father said: you were all in my class
...means i love you all
so let's be friends or let's be enemies
"sleep with me, my poison envy,
my enemy, (my mandarin)
sleep with me on the ship that died of shame"

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