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Make Love, And War

Let's make love through war and more; by the bearing of desire and discord
See the soldiers marching forth; on the carnage colored dew of evermore
Dressed in uniforms of gray; wearing stockings marching gladly to decay
Crushing sternly through the storm; rising gently to the stillness of the calm
Domination and dismay, turn the conquered into casualties of prey
See the implements of strife; being rendered through the opening of life
On the meadows of discord; shall the whispered yarns of massacre befall

Let's make love to war and more; on the crimson colored plains where ravens soar
Dressed in uniforms of night; wearing scarlet colored stockings to excite
Once the conflict has curtailed; wine and song shall serve to fortify the brave
Paying homage to the sun; keeping welted bodies warm and safe from harm
In the harmony of peace; aching bodies shall make love to raise relief
In compliance with untruth; only victory revised shall be approved
Let's make love through war and more; let's make love in ways unknown to man before

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