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This Absolute Supper, Second Consecration

A man of a thousand names you are
What is your truth so filled with sorrow
In light we'll baptize our new Messiah
A morning star of might and force

Anointed in pleasures and lively love
Raise your chalice and drink with desire
Let our horns resound with pride
And golden showers reign in the sky

Diminished you'll be reminder of mourn
As our shadows embrace this worldly soil
An abstruse banquet of excelsior's and worms
Where the torpid son is dancing in thorns

Your humble candles begin to flicker
With sterling happiness we grant relief
Devoured and conquered you'll be by the sword
When our burning fires enlighten the war

Dance and revel as incompetence dies
In an eclipse of passion celebrating delight
Flaming silhouettes in the distance at dawn
Victorious laughter out-conquers abhor

Touch our sharpened ebony daggers
Covered in blood of the shattered flock
This absolute supper with maggots
With thirteen black candles burning for love

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