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Holy water Moonlight

Undead ... and still suffering,
Always suffering.
Wooden stake, come, impale my heart ... -
Driven through this ancient heart !
Holy water, heal my wounds ... -
Everything has now changed sides;
Walking through the garden of the darkest night.

The tear of the devil shed a light upon my heart,
But unfaithful, sneaking eyes betrayed my soul ... -
Befouled the dark.
Our night is sweet, never deceptive or of treachery ... -
The cruel light in the wake of the dawn is my true enemy.
I fear my own fall ... -
The end of everything and all.

Holy water, shed a light upon my life.
Holy water, everything has now changed sides.
Your silver rays brought me back to life,
Gifted me, gave me new sight ... -
Holy water moonlight.

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