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River of you

On a river so grey
That's running much too fast
I'm a hostage on my own
The air I breathe is stale
And I'm planning my escape
Without a destination

While I'm embraced by the waters cold
I know you're far away
Within my fantasy it's new
I'm asking for hope in [you]

[You] name my fate
I'm lost on the waves without [you]
[You] never break
I'm lost in the river of you

So my runs very slow, just like a flood of tears
When they've all dried up
That river flows one more and I try to catch a ray of light
From the sky at night
Will I ever rest my eyes upon your face
And you fade again
I will never really know if you lost me too
I'm asking for hope in [you]

All of my thoughts, all of the words get tangled,
The waves ride high again
Your lips seem close to mine
I'm losing hold in the river of [you]

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