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Via Mistica
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Angel Of Destiny
Deadly Lullaby
Dream I: Under My Eyelids
Dream II: Edge Of Light
Dream III: My Eternal Home
Dream IV: Secret
Dream IX: Danse Macabre
Dream V: Beside You
Dream VI: Fairy Tale
Dream VII: She's Dead
Dream VIII: Manolis
Dream X: Parallel Mind
Dream XI: Believe
Dream XII: Reflected In My Last Tear
Edge Of Darkness
Fallen Angles
Gold Dust
I Would Die - Trilogy
Into The Night
Intro (In Hora Mortis Nostre)
Lost Desires
One Bridge Too Far
Outro (In Hora Mortis Nostre)
Pray For Strength
Rise Of Resurrection
Sacred Whisper
The Miracle
Two Voices
Valley of Fear
When I Die
Via Mistica