Nazca - InsOMNIa

The day has collapsed,
wading through past events.
The room is dark,
reality descends.
The fear of sleeping,
the fear of letting go.
Something awakens,
it takes control.
These thoughts have been looping for some time.
Louder for each turn.
The tension will climb.

Wallow in the past,
invent a new disease.
The night prevails,
it will never cease.
''I did not want to turn out this way.''
Unable to sleep,
to end the day
The sheets stick to your body,
soaked in sweat.
The mind is spinning,
the worst hasn´t surfaced yet.

The morning has come
and you awake.
Only three hours sleep,
but you itch and shake.
Make some coffee.
Without cream.
Try to remember a recent dream.
The morning sun makes everything
seem okay.
You know.
You will.
Survive this day.

© Karstein Volle

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