Nazca - Afterbirth

Just let me sleep the next ten years.
So tired of bowing to my fears.
Head like an eggshell, ready to crack.
Walking off the beaten track.

These are the unlovable.
These are the ones with spikes in our eyes.
Won't we laugh at them?
Won't we pity them?
Unwanted and unlovable.
Unwanted and unlovable.

Watching all beauty decay.
Falling to pieces in the light of day.
From my outpost, I'll dissect and observe.
Cronichling patiently, my downward curve.

These are the birthpains.
These are the birthpains.

Let me be the one to follow you.
Let me be the one to see you through.
Without a glance, without a frown.
Let me be the one to break you down.

© Karstein Volle

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