Pink Turns Blue - I Coldly Stare Out

Comes a time, comes a shadow
Comes a devil, calls your name
Can't you hear his echoing paces
Cold fingers point on you
Icy sounds cry into the night
Just a puppet in their play
A lonesome king calls his lonely crowd
Calls you home into decay

I coldly stare out to the sky

Someone's waiting someone smiles
Try to hide, try to turn away
You've got no chance to save your health
No chance to end up that old game

I coldly stare out to the sky

No time to pray a farewell, farewell
Another day, another life
A broken mirror cuts your face
Relentless words are driving mad

I coldly stare out to the sky

1987 Fun Factory! Musikverlag
Music & Words: Tom Elbern / Mic Jogwer

© Pink Turns Blue     |     www.sturmgeweiht.de/texte/?act=text&band=147&titel=6732