Yendri - Society Of The Frozen Shroud

I count those crystal tears that roll down off your face
I found it sitting inside my heart awaiting my return
Cyan pathways that breathe like a spider kiss this forlorn place
All around me the winter weeps but whatever for does it yearn

Yes got to go on, you're drawing near, I'll meet you there
You still can go on, you're coming home, you won't be alone

Every step you see the blinding lights within
She dances in blue sin waiting for you
The psyche's done been cleansed, we got some end to begin
We are waiting for you now

I won't lie for anyone now
I won't lie for you somehow

Can you go on, is that you there
Are you fake with your tear, are you meant to be here

It's right there now, they're dancing now
Crystal tears in breaths of ice reflecting in our eyes
It's all right there
My bride's hand that rests so beautifully on my shoulder
as we kiss our eternal
We'll be right there
Jade-tinted masquerades freeze kiss the silhouettes that cry
It's right there now
Tears of joy hold my face reflected in your eyes

This may be your home
Can you take solace in that

lyrics by Michael Narcomey

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