Image Transmission - Exploitation

Living your life, it has no meaning
Those obscene thoughts, they make you dreaming
Your sleeping the day and living the night
Knowing us, you have to hide
You're sniffing cocaine, for you it's oxygene
Go inside, go and hide
Sucking people without any fear
You better watch it, we are here
You are the hunted, you're a pig
You're making us so sick
Working men they show no sorrow
You can forget it, there's no tomorrow
The thought of work, it makes you so sick
You are a big dick
You lived your life, without a meaning
Obscene thoughts, you are dreaming
You suck the people, but we've no fear
You better watch it, I'm here
You did it yourself, and we are mad
You better watch it, I'm here
You must watch it, we are here

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