Visions Of Atlantis - The Poem

I`m sitting here in an empty room,
I`m writing a poem now to you,
It`s time to think about what we had.
And when the sun is going down,
All my feelings come around,
I`m so sorry, cause you`re dead.

If I could tell you all the pain I feel
And all the sorrow grows tonight…..

Why did you leave me here alone,
Why did you leave me on my own,
Was it time we just had borrowed.
Was it our destiny?
Or just my final fantasy,
And I`m left behind in sorrow, and pain...

Smoke and gloom are in the Air,
And your shades are everywhere,
Now I`ve learned the world called dying.
I`ll put a rope around my neck,
And at last I`m looking back,
To give up life is my defense.

Do you know another way?
Please come back and tell me how to stay.

My final tears I script for you,
These final cries I write for you,
All my pain cries out for you
These final tears I shed for you,
All my pain cries out for you.

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