Visions Of Atlantis - Through My Eyes

Donít confine what is mine, do you hear me?
Never break what I take or youíll feel me.
Iíll come for you tonight when your eyes are shut.
The last ride on the wings of your dreams.
Iíll clip them on your flight,
And youíll drown in blackness not able to fight.

Feeble screams faint with fear,
Evil beings time to sear.

Look through my eyes, what do you see?
A heart that dies, a soul is free.
Thatís the answer to my plea,
Youíll pay for what youíve done to me.

Donít burn what I built, fFlames awash in smoke,
My feelings once enchained by your embrace.
Never mess what I cleaned.
Always poisoning my mind,
My memories unrevealed.

Ties lie broken since I died for you.
Ties lie broken now die for me too.
Forgotten, Forsaken, Awoken,
Dissipated, raging mind.
I canít ease the thirst for freedom from this answer,
My world is full of disbelief and pain.

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